Happy March! It might be cold outside, but hopefully these new features will be a spot of warmth and help you in the months ahead. ❄️

Tasks being made automatically in Planning Center Home.

Build Your To-Do List with Automations

Create new tasks automatically as soon as someone completes an action like accepting a serving request or filling out a form.

Watch the video to learn how to automatically create tasks! 📺

A hand holding a phone with text bubbles on the screen and a church in the background.

Text People Through Clearstream in Planning Center

Use a local Clearstream number to text your congregation right from the People database.

Learn how to add Clearstream to your account.

Image blocks being arranged on a website building in Planning Center Publishing.

Build Your Church Website Using a Grid Block Layout

Organize your Church Center website and app creatively with grid block options.

Check out the video for a walk-through of how it works! 📺

A boy walking while holding a phone in front of a larger phone with an attendance report on the screen.

For Group Leaders: View Attendance Reports in Church Center

Group leaders can get a pulse on people’s engagement and see who needs a follow-up!

Watch the video to learn how to find the new attendance reports. 📺

An open laptop with tasks on the screen being automatically created in Planning Center Calendar.

Automate Tasks When Planning Events

Create tasks automatically when someone fills out an event request form in Calendar.

Learn what kind of event-related tasks you can automate.

A hand holding a phone with the silouttes of two people on the screen in Planning Center Church Center.

Let Congregants Manage Their Own Household Details

Empower congregants to manage their own households by adding or removing members in Church Center!

See how you can enable this feature for your church!

The text "Add-Ons" in front of gradient squares zooming forward.

Build Your Own Features Into Planning Center

Use the Add-Ons API to build custom integrations right into the Planning Center system.

Learn what steps you need to take to build your own add-on feature.

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💙 The Planning Center Team