Happy June! Like the rush of kids home for the summer, we’ve got tons of new features to help you plan as things warm up and events get underway. ☀️ 

An open laptop with a security shield and lock overlayed.

Protect Your Directory Information with Privacy Mode

Keep your congregation’s sensitive information private by not publicly listing emails and phone numbers.

Learn how Privacy Mode protects churches from scammers.

The tasks menu in Planning Center Home with a drop-down showing the create template option.

Make Templates for Recurring Tasks

Copy your task lists for repeating events and projects.

See how easy it is to make a task list once and turn it into a template.

A desktop in Planning Center Giving surrounded by a car, chair, couch, and hammer to be input as in-kind donations.

Receive and Process In-Kind Donations

Record, track, and acknowledge non-cash donations from your donors, such as furniture, artwork, vehicles, and labor services.

Learn how to process in-kind donations from your congregants.

A tablet with a cursor hand dragging and dropping a donation content block in Planning Center Publishing.

Share Ministry Content to Church Center

Pull information from other Planning Center products onto custom pages with content blocks.

Check out the video for a walk-through of how it works! 📺

A woman in a white shite and red skirt standing next to an event request form with a drop-down to select a room.

Add Room and Resource Fields to Event Request Forms

Let people select the specific rooms and resources they need for their event.

See how much easier it is for people to request what they need.

A desktop, tablet, and phone displaying the dashboard in Planning Center Giving.

Get a Giving Subscription Up to 12 Months Free

Stuck in a contract with another donation software? Use Giving for free until your contract is up.

Apply now!

Bonus Roundup!

There’s always a little more. ✨

We’ll see you again in September with the next round of New for You! Subscribe to the blog in the meantime to see updates as they come out!

💙 The Planning Center Team