Hello there!  

I’m Jeff Berg–the CEO, Founder, and Owner of Planning Center. This is my open letter to our churches (and potential customers) outlining my heart behind why Planning Center is independently owned and not for sale, and how I plan to ensure it remains so. 

At Planning Center, we are guided by what we call our “three loves”: We Love Our Churches, We Love Our Team, and We Love Our Products. 

I firmly believe that we can prioritize our love for the church and our team because we do not face the pressures of venture capitalists or corporate sales. 

Now, I want to share the background on how I plan to ensure we will continue to cherish these loves for many years to come. 

Why We Say “No” to Venture Capital: We Prioritize Consistent, Positive Customer Impact 

Many tech companies, including those in the church world, see venture capital as a ticket to rapid growth and expansion, which is a great path for many organizations. 

At Planning Center, we prioritize sustainable growth based on the real needs of our churches over flashy, quick expansion. 

Taking on VC funding often comes with strings attached, which could divert us from our core mission of serving churches with the best possible tools. We're in this for the long haul: building relationships and trust with our customers. And we believe maintaining our independence is key to that.

Our Promise: Remaining Customer-Focused, Not Investor-Influenced 

As we discuss the future of Planning Center, it’s crucial to address the topic of selling the company. Let me be clear: it’s not happening. From the very beginning, Planning Center was designed to remain privately owned. It’s a labor of love, a passion project that has grown into an integral part of so many churches. 

Selling out to a big corporation contradicts everything we stand for. Together with our customers, we’ve created something unique in the church software space, and our intention is to maintain its integrity and independence. This commitment ensures that we continue to serve our community in a way that aligns with our original values and vision.

Ensuring Planning Center Is Never Acquired: The Ministry Centered Foundation

Finally, I want to discuss how I am ensuring Planning Center remains independent even after I am gone.

After a lot of thought, I've decided: when I step away from Planning Center (or pass away), Planning Center will transition from a privately owned corporation into a non-profit organization under the Ministry Centered Foundation.

This foundation will ensure that our mission continues, focusing on serving churches and maintaining the ethos that has driven us from day one. This move will safeguard the future of Planning Center, keeping it away from corporate interests and ensuring it remains a tool for good, serving the community that has always been at the heart of what we do.

I hope this provides a clearer picture of who we are and where we're headed. We created Planning Center to serve the church as you serve your communities, and that will always be our guiding goal.

Jeff Berg
CEO and Founder