Creating task lists in Planning Center is a great way to keep track of everything you need to do and collaborate with team members on what needs to be collectively finished.

But things can get a little hairy when everyone’s working on the same project—work can get duplicated, or even worse, someone else’s task can get erased. Then how can you know what actually got done?

Now those collisions are automatically blocked with live updating!

Live Changes to Your Task Lists in Home and the Toolbar

When you’re working on your task list—whether you’re changing the list color, removing a task, or marking a task complete—other collaborators will immediately see all your changes.

You can see someone else’s changes as they happen, too—with no saving required.

An animation of a task being updated in the toolbar being visible in Planning Center Home.

Seeing what others are working on can help your whole team know what still needs attention so you don’t bump into each other.

Think of it like rolling into an four-way intersection—everyone usually knows who got there first and takes turns moving forward. The live updates to your task lists are a way to open up more communication on your team and keep everyone aligned on your work.

Live updating also happens when you’re editing tasks in the toolbar, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a change or refreshing your account page to see what’s different.

We hope seeing live changes to your task lists makes collaborating with others easier, and helps you get the right things done while keeping everyone aligned.

Knocking out your to-do list just got more fun. 😉

💙 The Planning Center Home Team