We know how much work goes into putting together an amazing event. From reserving a location to managing the signups, there are a million little details to keep track of. And let's be honest, it can be super disappointing when people forget they even signed up to attend!

To help keep your people in the know and event attendance high, we’re excited to introduce event reminder emails! 

Now you can send timely reminders to your attendees with just a few clicks, ensuring everyone shows up ready to enjoy themselves.

Customize Your Church Event Reminders

Your events might have different attendee groups, like volunteers and general attendees. With customizable reminder emails, you can tailor your messages to send the right information to the right group of people.

Schedule Event Reminders in Advance

We've all been there—you get caught up in a million other tasks, and suddenly you realize you forgot that one last thing . . . like a reminder email. Well not anymore!

Make a task to schedule your reminders well in advance, whether it's a few weeks before your event or just a few hours. 

Attendees can get the nudge they need while you focus on other things.

An email text box in Planning Center Registrations with formatting options and drop-down menus for send times.

What’s really great? No more frantic last-minute emails (if you know, you know), disappointed looks, or awkward conversations when people realize they missed the event. 

With event reminder emails, you can be confident in your event communications and that people will have all the information they need. 

We're always looking for ways to make your event planning process smoother and more successful. This new feature is just one way we're elevating the Registrations experience. 

But if you’ve hung around here long enough, you know more is on the way.

🤍 Team Registrations