How do you keep track of your to-do list?

Brightly colored sticky notes stuck all over your desk? An assortment of note-taking apps? Maybe a backlog of emails and text messages? All of the above?

What if you could bring your scattered web of notes into a single place where you’re already doing your ministry work?

Now you can create detailed tasks, organize to-do lists, and collaborate with other people on those tasks—all in Planning Center!

And that’s not all.

You can create tasks absolutely anywhere in Planning Center from the new toolbar! So now, instead of reaching for the nearest Post-It note, you can add your to-do list in Planning Center!

Create Tasks for Anything and Everything

You’ll find your Tasks tab in Planning Center Home—right from the place you see every other important update happening across your account.

My List is a place for you to keep track of all the random things on your to-do list.

It’s private, and perfect for any random things you need to get done. For each task you can set a due date and add any important notes you want to keep in mind.

An iPad connected to a keyboard with a pop-up modal of a text box to create a task and button to save.

But what about those not-so-random tasks?

What if you have a specific project or area of ministry where you consistently have many things to get done? You can organize them into a list!

Organize Tasks into To-Do Lists

Sometimes individual tasks are part of a broader project or ministry, and oftentimes you’re not the only one responsible for getting them done.

So instead of everything living in your personal inbox, you can group your tasks into specific lists that you can share with other people.

A VSB task list in Planning Center Home with multiple entries.

Track the progress within a list based on what you want to see—what’s been completed, what has yet to be done, and who’s responsible for the task.

You can make a list for all kinds of things!

Event Planning Checklists

VBS, potlucks, camps, conferences, classes—these are the kind of events that probably have enough going on that you and your team need a dedicated list for them.

A text box to write out a new task for an event planning checklist.

Having every task related to an event in a single list makes it so much easier to track progress and for everyone to be on the same page!

Lists for Teams

Maybe instead of an event or a project, you want to make an ongoing list for a specific team or group of people so you can all coordinate together on things to get done!

Maybe your A/V team has a list for anyone involved in worship planning and setup, or maybe your hospitality team has a list for all the things needed to prepare for weekend services. Anyone who needs to collaborate together regularly can make a list!

A text box to write down a new task and save it to a list for other team members.

Administrative Task Lists

You can also create lists for specific admin categories, like anything related to finance or small groups so that pastors, admins, and volunteers can all be on the same page about tasks.

A text box to write a task down and save to an admin task list.

The real magic in these task lists, though, is the collaboration piece.

Assign Tasks to Team Members

You can share your lists with anyone in Planning Center—and you can assign tasks to anyone who’s been added to your list!

A task in Planning Center Home with a drop-down menu to assign it to a team member.

When you invite someone to collaborate with you on your list, they can create tasks, add people to the list, and assign tasks and set deadlines.

This is a great way for your team to stay on the same page about what is going on for different events, and making sure you all know who is responsible for what and when.

This kind of collaboration is a part of working together, and that happens no matter where you’re getting things done in Planning Center. Which is why you can create tasks from any product, and any page across all of Planning Center!

Create Tasks from Anywhere in Planning Center

The brand new toolbar is the new place for you to access things you need regardless of where you are in Planning Center—your profile information, Helpdesk (for training articles and our support team), notifications, and tasks!

The Matrix in Services with a task being added on the right toolbar.

The new toolbar will follow you wherever you go in Planning Center. So you can add a task to your list or assign it to someone else as soon as you think of it.

Working on next month’s volunteer schedule and remember you need to work on a worship set list? Make a task!

Checking out new registrations for VBS and realize there are a few people who haven’t finished paying? Make a task to email a payment reminder!

A Registrations signups page with a task being added to send a payment reminder.

We want you to be able to organize everything related to your ministry work from Planning Center. The Toolbar is there to make it easy for you to keep track of those to-do’s as you go about your work.

Tasks is just the first new tool we have planned to make collaboration and organization easier. There is so much more to come, so keep an eye on that toolbar. 😉

💙 The Planning Center Home Team

p.s. We are slowly releasing toolbar to all of our customers. So if you don't see it yet, you will within the next week!