There are so many things to keep track of when you’re planning an event at your church. Among the many tasks you’re trying to manage, it can be hard organizing your event attendees and coordinating who goes where when they sign up for your event.

Now you can automatically add someone to any group you’ve made in Planning Center when they register for an event!

Automatically Organize Event Attendees Into Groups

Automations in Registrations can help you organize people immediately when someone signs up to an event or cancels their registration.

Let’s say you’re organizing your high school spring retreat. You can create a group for your high schoolers. Then anytime someone registers for the retreat, they can be automatically added to the high school group.

But if any of those high schoolers were to come down with an illness the week of the trip, when they cancel their signup they can be automatically removed from the group too.

The automations tab in Planning Center Registrations with two running automations to add or remove someone from a group.

If you’re an admin in Registrations, you can also see which automations are adding people to a signup.

For example, maybe you have a quarterly event called “Newcomers Meeting” that’s connected to your visitor’s form. Anytime someone comes to your church and fills out the visitor’s form, they can get automatically added to the next Newcomers Meeting and receive an email confirmation.

The automations tab in Planning Center Registrations with a running automation to send a confirmation email.

You can also see exactly where those registrations are coming from. You can even dig deeper and view the automation’s history, or pause and unpause it.

We’re working on expanding what our automations can do in the Planning Center ecosystem, so stay tuned!

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