If you oversee or support a lot of ministries at your church (we see you, church office managers!) you probably receive notifications from Planning Center every day.

Overdue workflow cards, new group member requests, approval requests for rooms and resources, declined and accepted serving requests —it’s a lot. And the notifications you receive about these things land in your email, so you have to constantly switch between different inboxes: Gmail, Planning Center, Gmail, Planning Center.

Introducing the Planning Center inbox—where you’ll see notifications for everything that needs your attention across Planning Center.

The Planning Center home dashboard displaying the notification inbox drop-down on the right with unread notifications.

The inbox is in the bell near your name and avatar. When something new comes in, a badge will appear on the bell!

Notifications from All Planning Center Products

Right now, the inbox includes all your Services notifications, plus some of the most important notifications from other products. Some of the notifications include when there is something you need to approve, if your permissions have changed, or if there is something urgent that needs your attention.

No matter what product you’re in, all your notifications from across Planning Center will appear in the inbox—so even if you’re in Groups, you’ll also see pending conflicts in Calendar in the notifications inbox.

What’s Next

In the future,  we look forward to bringing all your Planning Center account  notifications to the inbox—like when admins are added or removed, when your payment method needs to be updated, or your trial is ending!

So keep an eye on your inbox, we’ll notify you with the update. 😉

💙 The Planning Center Team