What’s worse: getting a million responses of “ok” to your message or having no one respond because they don’t want to bother the group?

Either situation is less than ideal, but there’s a new way around it—reactions!

A red heart, and yellow praying hands, laughing face, thumbs up, and thumbs down emoji.

Reactions are an unobtrusive way to acknowledge, send love, and respond to a topic or reply to a message without blowing up everyone’s phone!

Replies and Topics 🙏

Hold down on any message, and you’ll see a menu that allows you to react, and shows an option to view reactions.

You can also respond to the topic itself by tapping the new add reaction button.

Stay Notified 👍️ 👎️

If you’re the author of the topic or the message, you’ll be notified anytime someone reacts to your post. And if you no longer want to receive notifications for a specific group, you can say so in your notification settings.

Start reacting today with the latest Church Center update!  

Keep your community connected,
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