You are responsible for so much at your church.

Maybe you have multiple volunteer teams to schedule for the many events that you’re managing, and follow-up emails that you need to send to all the first-time visitors who came on Sunday…

…and a million other things to keep up on and take care of!

You need a home base where you can orient yourself to what’s going on and align your tasks with your priorities.

So we made Planning Center Home—a personalizable dashboard highlighting all of the important updates from across your account and all the tasks that most need your attention.

Home is customizable to what you want to see when you first log in to your account.

You can choose from twenty different widgets and configure them to show the information you most want to see: from snapshots of big-picture data to tasks that need your immediate attention.

Keep an Eye on Church-Wide Details

Some widgets show big-picture data from across your church. Think of them as FYIs—things you might scribble on Post-It notes and stick to the fridge or pin to a bulletin board to let people know what’s going on.

The dashboard of Planning Center Home with widgets displaying the latest information according to the product.

Things are happening all across your church, in every ministry. You may not need to do anything with the information, but it’s nice to know!

  • New Profiles, Donors, and First-Time Guests: Anyone who checked in at a Check-Ins station, had a donation processed in Giving, or had a new People profile created for them (or by themselves in Church Center) can show up in lists on your Home dashboard.
  • Current Donation Batches and Forecasts: If you have permissions in Giving, you can see the totals of any donations currently being processed, as well as your forecasts based on recurring donors.
  • Scheduling Breakdowns for Teams and Plans: Are there volunteers scheduled in all the places you need them? These widgets give you a quick overview of your scheduling status!
  • Upcoming Events and New Signups: You can get a list of all the church events organized in Calendar, and then get more specific details about the events you care about by seeing new signups in Registrations and any smaller group events from Groups.
  • Popular Check-Ins Stations: Maybe there’s a classroom or department that needs a secondary station, or maybe there’s one that’s hardly used at all—now you’ll know either way at-a-glance.
  • Recently Updated Pages: Stay on top of any changes that your congregation can see in Church Center with a list of any editorial changes from Publishing!

Ok, but what if you need to actually do something in Planning Center? We have to-do widgets too!

Keep Track of To-Do Lists and Tasks

The easiest way to spot a task that needs your attention is to look for the widgets with little arrows—arrows mean you have something to do!

The dashboard of Planning Center Home with widgets displaying a schedule, workflows, and pending approvals.

Right now there are four types of to-do lists you can keep track of from Home.

  • Pending Approvals for Rooms and Resources: Any equipment, furniture, and facilities you are responsible for approving in Calendar will show up in this widget. Now it’ll be a little easier to see what events need from you (and when)!
  • My Workflow Cards: As soon as you have a new card assigned to you, it’ll show up on Home! Workflows are all about keeping people from falling through the cracks, and Home will make it a little easier to make sure cards don’t disappear into the void.
  • My Schedule: Anything you have on the calendar as a team member, and anything awaiting your response, will show up here so you can confirm or sign up!
  • Pending Group Requests: If you’re a group leader, anyone who wants to try and join your group will show up here!

We know there are a lot of other tasks you manage in Planning Center, and our goal is to make as many as possible available in Home. This is just the beginning!

How to Find Home

You’re already there! 🏠 If you haven’t already found Home, you’ll see it in the app switcher in the top left. Once you’re there, we’ll walk you through it.

The dashboard of Planning Center Home grayed out with welcome modal overlayed and the option to watch a demo video.

And if you want some help setting up your dashboard, you can check out this article for some step-by-step instructions.

We have a lot of ideas for the future of Home, and we’re sure you do too! So send us your questions and suggestions to so we can work to make Home even more useful for you and the people who make ministry happen.

💙 The Planning Center Team