When you need to collect general information from your congregation — like a welcome card or prayer request — you can use a form in People.

And when you need to collect signups for an event on a specific date — like VBS or weekend gatherings — Registrations is your best bet.


But maybe you’re collecting signups for baptisms, and people aren’t assigned to a specific date until later.


Or people are signing up for ongoing volunteer opportunities, where signups are always open but you only need a certain number of volunteers per ministry.

With features to manage assignments and capacities, Registrations seems like the right tool, except that signups in Registrations are always for a specific date.

But not anymore!

With a new update it’s much easier to use Registrations to manage all your signups in one place — both events and ongoing opportunities — and display them on a single page in Church Center.

Now, when you create a new signup, you can specify whether it’s for an event or an ongoing program.

A new signup creation form with the option to create an event on a specific date.

And just in case you’re collecting signups for an event that’s TBD, you can always add or remove dates later.

If you also use Planning Center Calendar, ongoing opportunities won’t appear on your church calendar (since they don’t have dates and times) but they will appear alongside your dated events on Church Center.

A Church Center signups page with different events listed out with accompanying images.

Church Center as a whole helps people connect with the life of your church, and since signups are a significant part of connection, we want to make it easy for your congregation to find them. We hope that this helps people get involved with your church — whether they’re serving, searching, or simply attending on a Sunday.