Event coordination almost always has two sides—the behind-the-scenes magic and the attendee experience.

Together, Planning Center Calendar and Planning Center Registrations help you manage both sides.

To simplify communication and streamline organization between all your teams, we released a new connection between the two products—a feed of all Registrations events into Calendar.

Subscribe to the feed and you’ll see all of your existing Registrations events on your master event calendar, and any new events you create in the future.

An events feed widget on the left sidebar of a calendar bashboard.

Now, instead of having to input the same information twice, you can simply add Calendar-specific information—like setup and teardown times, rooms, and resources—to the existing event.

If you’re an administrator, you can get started with the Registrations feed by going to the filter bar on the Events page and selecting “Add Feed. You can check out this how-to article for all the details.

And if you want your congregation to be able to see and sign up for all these events, you can publish the Calendar tab to the Church Center mobile app and website!

We're incredibly excited about building closer connections with Registrations as it's been a long-standing request, and we hope it’s useful for your church! And keep an eye out for more partnerships between Calendar and other Planning Center products—there’s a lot in the works! 👀