Since we launched the beta of group messaging, it’s become the place for small groups to stay connected with each other throughout the week.

We released a few updates to the beta, but today we are ready to bring this feature home officially because messaging is available on the web!

Now leaders can communicate with members from wherever and whenever they please—from their computer or on their phone through the app.

This also means that members without smartphones won’t be excluded from the conversation—they can read and respond to messages from their computer or tablet!  🎉

With this new update, everyone will have an easier time finding their way through Church Center on their computer using the new tabs on the side, just like the app! You can also have a conversation with more than 50 people—no more people limits like before.

As always, there are more features we’re working towards for messaging. Things like notifying people by email when a new thread is created, and options on how to handle notifications, so stay tuned!

For anyone who hasn’t enabled messaging for Church Center yet, we have a guide on how to get set up in Groups.

💬  Happy messaging,
Team Groups