Ashley registered her middle schooler for camp, but her spouse wants to log in and pay the balance due. A volunteer registered Greg’s kids for VBS but he never received a confirmation email and wants to make sure they’re signed up. Robin’s husband signed their family up for the Sunday morning service, but when they go to show their confirmation, he realizes he left his phone at home.

Now Ashley, Greg, Robin, and the rest of your congregants can view registrations for everyone in their household on Church Center!

On the web or app, My Registrations will show people all the events that they or anyone in their household signed up for.

If those registrations have forms or payment due, they can view and complete the missing items. And if you have self-cancelation enabled for the event, they can cancel the registration too!

Easier information access for your congregants means less frustration for them, less busy work for your staff — and more opportunities for ministry and meaningful connection.

♥️ Team Registrations