Even the most organized People account can get messy because of incorrect profile information. An incomplete medical note during a check-in rush, a typo on an event form—these are the kinds of things that linger in your database. That is, until you're forced to update it after accidentally calling an outdated home phone (do these exist anymore?!)

Editing People profiles is easy for admins, but you don't always know when someone needs to update their information, which is why your congregation can update their profile information themselves with the Church Center app.

And now we've expanded this editing option to allow household adults to edit the profile information of all other household members—both adults and children.

A list of household members with their profile picture and first and last name, and option to click into the profile.
A member profile with their picture and contact information and address.

So if a family member's medical notes need editing, any of the household adults can easily hop on their phone and update it. While they’re there, they can also update contact information—email, phone, address—or fill out any empty birthday or grade fields.

The one thing they can’t do is edit birthday or grade once those fields are filled. Since birthdays and grades can impact sensitive things like classroom assignments and grade promotion, only admins in People can edit those fields.

This option is already available in the Church Center app, so all you have to do is tell your congregation about it.

Once you get the word out, you should see fewer requests for profile changes come across your desk, and maybe even a tidier database as well—even the smallest edits made can save you time and effort in the end!

The Church Center Team