The web moves fast. And at six years old, Internet Explorer is getting left behind. In August of this year, Planning Center is joining the growing movement away from Internet Explorer and will no longer support the browser in any of our applications (with the exception of Church Center).*

Why the change?

About 3% of our current customers use Internet Explorer; and yet, our teams spend significantly more than 3% of their time solving Internet Explorer-specific bugs and ensuring it can support new features.

By removing support for Internet Explorer, and compelling our customers to use a more powerful browser, we can focus on optimizing our products for all of our customers. This change means a higher quality experience for Planning Center users across our supported browsers and faster turn around on new features and updates.

There is no good time to make this switch, but after looking at our data, we found that all of our customers use an operating system that can run a newer browser like Chrome or Edge. Knowing this, we feel more comfortable to move forward with removing support.

We understand that switching browsers is inconvenient for you, and a complicated hassle if your IT department makes decisions around what browser you use. We are giving you the heads up now so that you and your IT department have ample time to get your questions answered and transition smoothly.  

What you can expect

All Planning Center users will see this dismissible banner at the top of their window whenever they first log in to their account starting today.

After August 26, any new features or updates we release will not be supported in Internet Explorer, and this banner will become permanent for anyone using the browser.  

While some features might work for a time, they will not operate at the speed or optimization we designed them to. Eventually, features will become completely unusable, which is why we recommend switching as soon as you can, and definitely before August 26. You can see the full list of browsers we support in our Helpdesk.

We want to help you in any way we can as you make this transition. If you have any questions for us, our team is always ready to help. You can reach out to us within any Planning Center app by clicking the question mark in the top right-hand corner of the window or emailing us at

Let us know how we can help,
Planning Center

* We will continue to support Church Center—the public-facing side of Planning Center Giving, Groups, and Registrations on the web—so that the members of your congregation who use Internet Explorer can continue to donate, join groups, and sign up for events without any problems!