In 2012 Planning Center released Projector, an iPad app to help churches present lyrics & slides wirelessly during services. As an app that was only available on iPad, it was always intended to fill a narrow gap in the church presentation software market while providing a tight integration with Planning Center. Five years later, we’ve expanded into a full Church Management System, with seven powerful web applications.

To develop Projector, our mobile team has to stop work on Services and Music Stand, two core components of the Planning Center experience. Since we introduced Projector, most other presentation apps have added integration with Planning Center, diminishing the need for Projector even further. After a great deal of thought, and with much sadness, we’ve decided to stop developing Projector and begin phasing it out.

Important Details

  • We have permanently stopped charging current users as of Feb 7.
  • We will support Projector for a full year, thru Feb 11, 2019.
  • There will be no future updates to the Projector app.
  • New churches can no longer sign up for Projector.
  • This email was sent to all Organization Admins, plus Services Editors & Admins who have installed Projector.


If you are already a Projector customer, you can continue using it until Feb 11, 2019. However, this is only as long as Projector continues working on your device. We recommend not updating to future versions of iOS on any devices running Projector. There is no way for us to know if updates from Apple will break existing features of Projector, so you should refrain from updating iOS.


We really love our customers and feel a deep sense of loyalty to them. That is the reason this has been such a difficult decision, but it’s also a reason we know it’s the right decision, because we can focus on improving the core apps that affect so many more people. But we didn’t want to leave you not knowing where to turn, so we’ve reached out to the presentation apps that integrate with Planning Center to to see if they could offer any special deals or training to help make the transition easier.

  1. Proclaim Faithlife Proclaim starts at $16.99 per month and is offering Projector users an extended 90-day trial that includes Pro Media using the code PCPROJECTOR.
  2. MediaShout MediaShout is offering Projector customers a $200 discount. Switch to MediaShout for a one-time purchase of only $269 (normally $399).
  3. ProPresenter ProPresenter is a one-time purchase, and starts at $399 for a single license.

We know switching to something new can be difficult, but all three of these options are already much more capable than Projector is and integrate with Planning Center, so whichever option you choose over the next year, you’ll be in great hands.

We are still 100% committed to all of our other products and are excited to continue to strive to make every Planning Center product the best it can be. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Jeff Berg Owner & Developer