Today we've added bunch of powerful new Groups filters to Planning Center People lists. Create new lists based on group membership, attendance, join dates, and application dates. The resulting list of people can be attached to Workflows, Actions, and Automations.

A new class of Groups functionality has just opened up.

Create Your Groups Lists

New Settings

Let's touch briefly on each filter:

  • Member - This filter existed before, but you'll notice it has a bunch of new options for limiting or expanding the scope of the search. Example: Regular members of Small Groups who meet in the Ramona neighborhood.
  • Attended or Missed - Build a list of all the people based on attendance reports. Example: Everyone who missed more than 50% of their Growth Group's events in the past three months. Example: Everyone who missed the last 3 events in the currently active Celebrate Recovery groups.
  • Joined: Get a list of anyone who joined a group (whether they are still a member or not) across any date range. Example: Everyone who joined a Leadership Class last year that was led by Bob Johnson.
  • Applied to join: Create a list of people who asked to join a group and then narrow that list based on the status of the response. Example: Everyone who applied to the Women's Volleyball Team who weren't added to the group. Example: Everyone who asked to be a part of any active Small Group who hasn't received a response yet.

The Power of People Lists

The number one feature request for Planning Center Groups has been personal, attendance-based reporting. So, why did we build it in People Lists before building it in Groups itself? The answer is: you! When we sorted the feature requests (yes, we track every single one) the vast majority of customers wanted to do something with this data. Things like:

  • Adding people workflows.
  • Sending an email to a list.
  • Triggering some action in another application.
  • Building a custom report or spreadsheet export.
  • Changing a custom field in someone's profile.

Although we will be building more reporting functionality into Groups itself, getting all the functionality of People Lists seemed like a big step forward.

Let us know what you think!
~ Team Groups