At Planning Center we want to make sure Easter weekend goes as smoothly as possible. We intentionally don’t push any new code for the weeks leading up to Easter, our Operations team is up and ready to react to anything out of the ordinary, and we over-prepare our servers to handle any potential unexpected loads.

Here’s a recap of some fun facts that happened over Easter Weekend.

There were 878,598 people scheduled for Easter through Planning Center Services. That’s a little over 11% more than the week before.

Easter morning welcomed about 600,000 people through Planning Center Check-Ins getting up to over 2,000 check-ins every minute.

Churches in over 3,000 cities all over the world safely checked in with Planning Center Check-Ins:

The top three songs played on Easter, in Planning Center Services, were

  1. What A Beautiful Name
  2. Forever (We Sing Hallelujah)
  3. Resurrecting

A somewhat surprising note is that the average service length for Easter was 27% shorter than the week before. But when you consider that many churches add extra services and are thinking more about timing for Easter, it’s probably not that surprising.

There’s always an exciting glow around the church during Easter weekend, and we’re thankful we can contribute in some part. Thanks for being there with us, and have some more great weekends!

The Planning Center Team