Summer is right around the corner, and you know what that means . . . events! 

Okay, yes, there’s also heat, A/C, grilling out with friends, going to the beach, and [insert your favorite summer activity or survival method]. But, also, from VBS and summer camps to church-wide picnics and retreats—the events start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’. 

So if you need a way to quickly check people into your events and stay on top of attendance, our updated integration between Check-Ins and Registrations is here for you!

The Registrations Integration

This integration allows you to take event attendance in Check-Ins from a signup you made in Registrations. After people check in, you can print their name labels and even keep a record of everyone who shows up.

But there’s a lot more you can do, too! In fact, this integration has been around for a while. We’ve made changes to it, and then some more changes thanks to customer feedback. We’re pretty excited about the newest version, just in time for summer. 

If you’re pretty familiar with the integration between Check-Ins and Registrations, you can hop over to this update note for the full rundown on what’s new.

Otherwise, here are some of the big ways this integration can help you feel more prepared as you plan out your events this summer!

Create Custom Name Labels for Event Attendees

Want to print different kinds of labels for kids, volunteers, staff, or just regular attendees? You can select which labels to print for each kind of attendee right in Registrations.

Print different labels based on your preselected assignments, like cabins or small groups. If you’re hosting a camp and have kids split into different color-coded groups, for example, you can have different labels for each group!

The label editor in Planning Center Check-Ins with a custom label and options to change the size or text.

Let Families Check-In Their Entire Household

What’s better than someone being able to check themselves into an event? Someone being able to check in their entire household, too.

That’s a thing now!

Showing everyone registered in one household on the same screen speeds up the check-in process. Click, click, click, and everyone’s checked in.

An entire household on a Check-Ins screen, with checkboxes next to profile pictures and names.

Stuffing one’s pockets with multiple security labels, then getting flustered trying to match the right label with the right name tag while other people are waiting to check out . . . it’s just not a good time.

Event attendees can print just one security label for everyone in their household, and use that to check out their household members.

Use the Devices You Have On Hand to Check People In

When you have a phone or a tablet, you can use whatever devices you have available to create a station and check people into your events. 

Put your tablet on a table for people to check in whenever they arrive at an event, or assign a volunteer to a particular location to check in people from their phone.

By using any combination of iOS or Android devices, you can make checking in people fast, safe, and secure without the added cost of using something too specific or expensive.

We know that things are about to start getting really busy again. But we hope the improvements to this integration help your summer events—and beyond—run that much smoother.

Happy checking in!

💜 Team Check-Ins