Event planning can be filled to the brim with tedious tasks. But imagine a world where those tasks magically happen with the click of a button, making your event management a total breeze.

Well, that world is now your reality. You can kickstart your event planning by automatically creating tasks anytime someone completes an event request form!

Event Tasks You Can Automate

There are so many things you can automate in Planning Center. Creating tasks—for yourself or someone else—or even adding someone to a workflow are the most common when organizing events.

So picture this:

  • Someone submits a request for the homeless ministry, and shazam! They're automatically tossed into a workflow that connects them with your facilities team so the ministry has all the tables, chairs, and beverages they need before the event.
  • When an event is approved, like a midweek worship night, an automation can create a task for your facilities manager to prep the sanctuary by arranging chairs and setting up AV equipment.
  • After an event, you can add people to a workflow that automatically sends attendees a follow-up email to collect feedback about the event.
  • If someone fills out a request to host a pancake fundraiser at the church, they can be added to a workflow for the person in charge of the church kitchen to reach out.

The possibilities are endless and customizable to your needs—and that's what makes it so exciting!

Creating Automations in Calendar

The next time you navigate to any of your event request forms, you’ll see a brand new Automations tab.    

From there, you get to decide what kicks off the automation party. You can choose to run an automation when someone submits an event request, or when a request from that form gets the official stamp of approval. 

It's like having a personal event planning assistant who works 24/7 (but for free, which we all like)!

A modal in Planning Center Calendar to create an automation with drop-down options.

Once the automation magic is set in motion, you’ll have a buffet of actions to choose from across other Planning Center products. 

From sending out invites to coordinating with different teams, these automations are your new tool for a seamless event planning experience. To learn even more about automating tasks in Planning Center, check out this article

Happy planning!

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