Several years ago, we introduced Apple Pay in Giving as a way for people to donate easily from their phones. The problem was, it wasn’t actually very easy to set up.

Now anyone in your congregation using the Church Center app can conveniently give through Apple Pay whenever they want, and you don’t have to do anything to set it up!

Even if you had completed the myriad of steps involved in Apple’s review process, the donation experience itself wasn’t very smooth once things were enabled in Church Center. So we’ve made two major changes to how you can use Apple Pay for donations at your church! Here’s what’s new:

  • Apple Pay is available now for anyone who downloads Church Center or is already using it. There’s nothing you have to enable on the admin side of things. It just works.
  • Apple Pay payments will be processed directly within the Church Center mobile app. No one will be taken to a web browser to complete their payment.

We know how much you rely on the donations from your congregants, and how important it is to have a smooth process for people to give. So don’t worry—we’ve got you. 

These updates will make giving easier and more convenient than ever!

💛 Team Giving