Group leaders now have everything they need in the Church Center mobile app to care for their people—share resources, email, chat, take attendance, and now view attendance reports, all in one place.

With attendance reports in Church Center, group leaders can quickly get a pulse on peoples’ engagement and see who needs a follow-up!

The attendance report highlights the important information a leader needs to figure out how people are (or are not) engaging with the group events. 

The report will show the people with the lowest attendance right at the top—automatic prioritization of the people who might most need some attention. Then, when you click on the person’s name, Church Center will direct them to their profile with their contact information so they can reach out. 

There really isn’t much more to it, so…go tell your leaders! 

We hope they feel empowered to proactively engage with people—to stay connected and strengthen their community. 

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