You want to make it simple for people to engage with your content and ministries online.

The grid block layout option is a new way for you to creatively present content on your Church Center app and web! 

Check out the video for a walk-through of how it works!

With the grid block, you can:

  • Use pre-built sections to lay your content out into columns and rows.  
  • Make up to three columns of content next to each other, and as many rows as you want!
  • Include buttons, images, and text in the grid. 
  • Set a unique number of rows or columns for the app, and then something different for the web.
  • Have fun playing with different layouts!

This is a big step forward for Publishing as a web editor, and we hope that it helps you find new ways to make Church Center yours! 

Send us what you make, we’d love to see it! 
🖤 Planning Center Publishing