Fall is right around the corner! Families are in their new school rhythms and you might be prepping to start your groups again.

Maybe it’s time to start your regularly scheduled group meeting nights, or you want to host a kickoff BBQ for all your groups. But creating events for all your groups can be difficult when everyone is meeting at a different time, day, and location.

Now you can create events for more than one group at the same time!

Make Recurring Events for Seasonal Groups

Some groups might meet during specific seasons, like during the school year or only during the summer, and all at different times and on different days.

Using each group’s meeting schedule (if they have one!), you can add a date range to create events in reference to each group’s different schedule.

That means if some groups meet on Mondays at 6:30pm and other groups meet on Thursdays at 7:30pm, you can create events for those groups’ specific meeting times and within the date range you select! That’s right, you can create events for all of your Groups Events for the entire next season—in one click.

A bulk event creation modal for recurring events with the option to set a date range for multiple groups.

From there, all of your leaders will be ready to go. They can collect RSVPs, start taking attendance, and group members will be able to see the recurring events in Church Center. They can even subscribe to their group’s calendar and never miss a thing!

Make Multiple One-Time Events for Any Kind of Group

Maybe the event you want to create isn’t the group meeting itself, but something all groups members can attend—like a picnic in the park, a community service project, or a kickoff meeting.

You can do that in bulk, too!

Instead of selecting “Repeating” for your event type during the creation process, choose “One time.”

A bulk event creation modal for one-time events with the option to set a date and time multiple groups.

That’ll create separate instances of the same event for the groups you select, and each group will reflect the settings you chose when making the event.

We hope the ability to create bulk events saves you time and makes it easier to invite more people into your community and keep them connected.

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