Events have so many moving pieces—from facilities setup to coordinating volunteers, checking people in, and hosting small groups.

Now you can use Planning Center Calendar as your jumping off point for all the pieces of your event planning—across Services, Check-Ins, Registrations, and Groups!

By connecting all the pieces of your events to a central point in Planning Center Calendar, you can make sure nothing (and no one!) falls through the cracks.

So how can you manage events easier with this new event connection feature?

Service planning: Jump from facilities coordination in Calendar to volunteers and plans in Services

Let’s say your church is starting a midweek worship service.

You can create a recurring weekly event in Calendar, reserve the sanctuary, set the time of the service, and then publish it to your central church calendar so everyone knows.

A modal for the creation of a new recurring event in Planning Center Calendar with the date, time, and location.

From there, you can jump into Services and begin planning everything else you need to be ready for the night-of.

Schedule musicians? Check.

Coordinate someone to run sound? Done.

Plan out the set list of songs? Got it.

But if anything changes—like what space the service happens in, what day, or what even campus—you can always jump back over to Calendar with a single click to make adjustments.

A service plan in Planning Center Services with musicians, a song list, and a drop-down menu to view in Planning Center Calendar.

Event check-in: Plan an event in Calendar, then take attendance in Check-Ins

When a new family visits your church, the first thing they look for is what kind of children’s ministry is in place.

In Calendar, you can set up nursery and children’s church as weekly events, then reserve the rooms and resources you need for your classes and groups.

The check-ins tab in Planning Center Check-Ins with a list of names and a connections drop-down menu for Planning Center Calendar.

Once your children’s ministry is on your central calendar, you can use the connections feature to hop into Check-Ins to set up your stations to safely check people in and out, and take attendance.

But if the room you need to use for your nursery has to change one week, you can easily jump back into Calendar to make those changes!

Small group events: Reserve rooms and add them to the central calendar

We are right around the corner from Fall, which means small groups are kicking off.

Imagine that you have a couple of groups who don’t have a natural meeting place, and they need a central location to meet like the church facility. They can use an event request form to reserve a room at the church where their group can meet weekly.

From inside Calendar, not only can you approve that event request and put the group’s meeting on the central church calendar, you can also quickly update the details in both places—Calendar and Groups.

Event signups: Create Registrations signups from Calendar

Suppose a group of people from your church are going on a missions trip and you host a fundraiser dinner at your church for it.

First you can map out the event in Calendar, reserving the room you’ll need and any additional resources like the tables and chairs.

Then you can instantly create a signup for the dinner in Registrations—pulling in information like the event name, date, times, and image from Calendar!

If anything about your event shifts, you can easily navigate back to Calendar and make your changes for people to see.

We released this feature a few months ago—check out this blog to learn more!

Coordinate multiple details for a single event: volunteers, rooms, signups, and more

Let’s say you’re planning a marriage conference at your church. You can set the date in Calendar and reserve the room and resources you need.

Then you can view the event signup in Registrations, schedule volunteers in Services to help run things at the conference, organize breakout discussions in Groups, and then monitor who attends through Check-Ins, as well as print labels for attendees so meeting new people is easier.

The event details on a calendar the with date, link to register, and which Planning Center products it's connected to.

Leading up to the conference—and especially on the day of—you can use the connections feature in Calendar easily jump between each product you’re using to organize it, get a holistic view of all of the moving parts, and make quickly make any changes necessary for things to run smoothly.

The Connections tab displaying four different Planning Center products connected to one event in Planning Center Calendar.

Plan any type of event in Calendar, and then connect any Planning Center event management product to those Calendar events as well.  

This makes it easier to move quickly and confidently across all of Planning Center!

To see how else we’ll be making the event planning process streamlined, stay connected to the blog. 😉

❤️ Team Calendar