The Church Center mobile app is the place for people to engage with your church—from  giving to signing up for events, messaging their group, and so much more!

Actually getting people onto the app is a hurdle, though, especially if they can’t locate your church during setup. Who knew there could be more than one church called Trinity? 😉

Congregants can now signup for the Church Center app even faster through a custom setup link just for your church! Once congregants download the Church Center app from this unique setup link, they’ll be instantly logged in to your church.

The New Setup Page on Church Center

Now people can have an easier time connecting to your app by skipping the part of setup where they have to search for your church in the Church Center database.

We added some pizazz so it’s easy for you to make this possible for your people.
All you have to do is send your congregants your church’s unique app setup link. That’ll take them to the newly built setup page.

The Church Center mobile app setup page with two buttons to download from Apple and Google app stores.

Anyone who already has the Church Center app installed can experience the easy setup, too. All they need to do is tap the unique setup link from their phone, and the app will open prompting them to sign into your church.

We’re excited for how this change will make it easier and quicker for people in your church to get connected!

Happy connecting!

🖤 Team Publishing