Attending a service and hearing a sermon live can be an ideal church experience for congregants. But if someone misses a Sunday or is volunteering in a different ministry during the service, should they just have to wait until the next time they can attend? Of course not! They need a way to catch up and still engage.

Introducing sermon audio in Church Center! Now you can easily post your sermon audio right in Publishing, and any congregant using the Church Center mobile app can listen using the sermon audio player.

With sermon audio now available, congregants can listen while they drive to work the next morning, clean up around the house, or go for a walk, and never have to miss the content. Wherever they are, they can feel engaged with the life of the church.

Congregants Can Listen on the Go

Sermon audio is available in two places: your Church Center mobile app and website. On the mobile app, where we imagine most people will be listening from on the go, here’s what you can expect to experience:

  • The audio won’t pause when your phone locks
  • The audio will continue in the background, even if you switch to another app
  • The audio will still play even if you navigate elsewhere within the app
  • The app will keep track of your listening progress on any given episode

So not only will your congregation be able to experience sermons in a new way on Church Center, they can pause and pick back up when they need to. Pretty cool, eh?

How to Share Your Sermon Audio in Church Center

In Publishing, you can paste a link to your .aac, .m4a, or .mp3 file right next to your video content.

If you don’t host your audio files somewhere, or if you’d prefer to just have everything in one place, then you can upload the original files right into Publishing and we’ll host them for you. We only support .mp3 hosted files (for now 😉).

On the Church Center side of things, once someone clicks on a sermon, they’ll see the options to either watch or listen.

Sermon Audio Priced By Downloads

Sharing sermon audio is only available on the Custom Pages & Sermons plans starting at $29/mo for 500 downloads, up to $99/mo. for 10,000 downloads.

A download is considered to be anytime an audio file is accessed. This includes episode playback from both the Church Center app and web experience, but excludes any externally hosted audio.

We’re excited to offer a new way for people to connect, and stay engaged with, this part of your church’s life! We’re working to make this a smooth audio experience for everyone, with more updates still to come. Happy listening!

🖤 Team Publishing