Ever need congregants to save a picture, a document, or a signed form to someone’s profile in Planning Center?  

Maybe you save signed membership covenants, or you need to keep a driver’s license on file for people who drive the church van. Or perhaps your jurisdiction requires proof of vaccination status for certain activities.

Well, just in case you didn’t know, you’ve been able to save files to profiles for a while (surprise!); but now you can collect those files through online forms!

A model of the option to select a file field to a form.

So you can set up a form for new members and save their documents and pictures to their profile without ever having to download it to your computer!

The only limitation to this new feature is that files can only be up to 10 MB.

If you ever want to receive multiple files, you can enable the “allow multiple files” option, which allows you to receive up to five files of 10 MB each. However, Planning Center will delete these files from the form after 180 days, so be sure to save them somewhere safe if you need them long-term!

Happy filing!
💙 Team People