Say one of your group members brings a guest to their small group, and they decide they want to join officially—awesome!

It’s now a little easier to add and invite new members to your group right from where you already are with the Church Center app! We think it will speed up the process of inviting new members, while respecting their privacy. It also gets new members instantly connected with their new Group in Church Center!

Adding Members

If you’re a leader in Groups, you’ll see a new button on the Members tab to add a person. From there, you’ll see two options.

QR Code example on mobile device in Church Center App

QR code

If your new potential member is right there, have them scan that QR code. They can scan it with the default camera on their smartphone, and a link will appear for them to tap on. If they already have the Church Center app, that link will take them to your group, and request to join, all in one scan!

If they don't have the Church Center app, it'll direct them to Church Center on the web where they can sign in or create a new account and request to join.

You can share that same link from the “Add by email or text” button below the QR code. This will pull up your phones’ native share options, so you can share however you'd like (email, text, Facebook... TikTok?).

What happens next, you ask?

Manage Requests

We want to make sure leaders always confirm that person before the new member is able to access the group. Right after the new member scans, a leader will see an alert, and receive a push notification that someone has requested to join. Choose one of those, and you'll see a profile pic, some extra details, and the ability to confirm or deny their request.

An iPhone displaying the picture, contact details, and message about desire to join a group with the option to add to group.

If they have the Church Center app, the new member will receive a push notification directing them right into the Members section of their new group, where they can update the contact details they'd like to share, and get more involved.

A display of a new group member request notification and response.

There's more!

One of the main scenarios you’re likely to add people is while taking attendance, so you can add people right from the attendance screen. The attendance page will even update live when someone requests to join, so you can accept or decline right from there.

An iPhone displaying a list of group members with a buttoned option to add someone to the group or delete their request.

As with everything else we do in Groups, this flow is available both in the free Church Center app and on the web.

We built this feature in direct response to feedback you sent us, so thank you so much for investing in us, and please keep sending us your suggestions!

Stay connected,
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