Imagine it’s Tuesday afternoon, and you’re figuring out how and when to roll out VBS signups.

It’s getting complicated.

Because you want to announce VBS at your weekend gathering, but you also want to share the Church Center page with your staff and volunteers ahead of time…

But then, you don’t want to share it with the whole congregation until after it’s announced. And people can’t start registering until the following Tuesday, but they need to sign up at least 72 hours before VBS begins.

Oh goodness.

Now you can schedule your signup visibility ahead of time in Registrations, so your pivot from planning registration to planning the event itself will happen automatically.

In the visibility settings, you can set the date that your signup that will be listed on Church Center, and the date when it will be hidden.

A settings modal with the option to make an event visible immediately, on a specific date/time, or to hide.

Similarly, you can schedule the dates that registration opens and closes.

An event registration modal with the option to open, schedule, or close an event with a date and time range.

The date registration opens will also show on Church Center so people know when to come back and sign up!

Every event comes with a deluge of details to coordinate. Knowing that your signup is available to the right people at the right time gives you one less thing to worry about.