The primary pillar of Groups is connecting you and your community. It’s a balancing act to keep everyone in the know about when things are happening and keeping the swirling conversations in order.

And now, it's a little easier to manage those conversations in Groups with new notification options and preferences!

New Notification Options

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could upload a resource to your group, and your group would just know without you emailing them about it? Especially because of Bartholomew...he never checks his email anyway.  

Well, now you can automatically alert Members and Leaders when a new Resource is added to your group, when you have an upcoming event, and if  an event is canceled—no need to send a separate email to keep people informed!

Church Center Group Notifications

Leaders can also receive reminders to take attendance which takes them straight to the attendance form for their event. They’ll also receive a notification when a new member joins the group through an open signup.

There's attendance reminders, new member reminders, event reminders, event canceled reminders, and new resource reminders!

Now, if only there was a way we can control those reminders... 🤔

Notification Preferences

Ever asked if you could only receive a Messaging notification when leaders reply to a topic in your Young Adults group? Maybe you want to know the important stuff, but don’t want to be notified every time someone finds their new favorite GIF of the hour…

With all these new notifications, we wanted to give you and your people control of which ones light up your world... or your screen (to be less dramatic).

You and your group members can set preferences for each group you’re a member or a leader of from the Preferences section in your Church Center profile, choosing which notifications you want to receive for messaging, resources, and events.

You can also customize your Messages notifications for the entire group by selecting whether you want to hear from only leaders or leaders and members, if you want to see message replies, or just a heads up when a new topic is posted.

Or you can enjoy some peace and quiet by disabling messages altogether!

With this update you have a lot more ways to stay connected, and more ways to customize your Groups experience to your needs.

We’re always listening, so please notify us about what else you’d prefer. 😉

Stay connected,
Team Groups