Spring is here—maybe you’re organizing a church work party to do some cleaning. You might have two-hour blocks throughout the weekend for people to come paint, landscape, reorganize, and make repairs, and people can volunteer for as many different time blocks as they’d like.

In the past, there were a few (creative) ways of crafting this kind of signup, but now Registrations has a first-class experience for it: Split Registrations!

This feature is also perfect for recurring events where people only want to sign up for some of the dates in the series.

For example, maybe your church hosts a MOPS group that meets every Tuesday, but moms (and their kids) sign up to attend specific Tuesdays. Or maybe you have signups for Sunday gatherings, and people want to sign up for multiple weeks at once.

Within a single event, you can add all the dates that are available for registration, create selections for each area or attendee type, and you’re ready to go!

This feature also works with waitlists, so if there’s space remaining at the 8am service, but the 10am is full, people can sign up for the early service and join the waitlist for the later service at the same time.

We know that our churches create signups for a wide variety of things. We want Registrations to be the home for all of them — to simplify your signup management process while creating more streamlined registration flows for your congregation.

And we hope that the ability to register for separate dates and times makes Registrations an even better home for your signups of all shapes and sizes!

Team Registrations