Planning Center Publishing is officially out of beta, and we're so excited about it we made a new video. 🎉

Custom pages, live streaming, and a sermon library for your mobile app are truly just the beginning of what you will be able to do on Church Center through Publishing.

There will be even more ways for you to customize your app and site for your congregation in the coming months. So be sure to subscribe to the blog or keep an eye on social media to learn what’s new!

New to Church Center and Publishing?

Just in case you didn’t see our original announcement about Publishing, here’s the short version! 👇

Church Center is a mobile app and web experience where your congregation can connect with your ministry. A Planning Center product powers each feature, so people can give, chat with their group, check out the directory, signup for an event, and more. It’s also completely free with a subscription to a Planning Center!

Publishing is the brand new product where you can customize the Church Center app and site with your own content and publish/unpublish built-in features from other Planning Center products.

You can signup for a 30-day free trial on the website or from your church’s account. When you’re ready to start learning, check out our Getting Started guide and video tutorial for help on setting everything up! Publishing will also help you out a little bit too.

A Publishing getting started page with a timeline to see progress and button to get started.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to support—we’d love to help! The Planning Center Community on Slack is also a great place to get some inspiration from how other churches are using Publishing and Church Center. There are so many amazing people there sharing their ideas and experiences.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has sent us feedback in the four months since the beta release.  Your enthusiasm and support for the product inspired and guided our improvements—this product is better and ready for everyone else because of you!

We are so excited to show you where it goes from here.

♥️  The Publishing and Church Center Team