One of the ways we're all keeping each other healthy right now is by staying home when we don't feel well. But with strict capacities on many events, we often have to sign up for gatherings in advance—and if we aren't going to make it, we want to make sure our spots are available to others.

Now you can let your congregants cancel their own registrations from Church Center.

When you enable self-cancelations for your event, registrants will be given a cancelation link both in their confirmation email and on the confirmation page:

If someone cancels, you’ll receive an email notification, just like you do when someone signs up.

Self-cancelations are enabled on a per-event basis, so you never have to worry about people canceling their own registrations if you don’t want them to. And if someone cancels by accident, you can restore their registration in one click.

Refunds will also never issue automatically — so you can follow your church’s usual refunding procedures and accommodate scenarios like non-refundable events and registrants who want to donate their fees to another attendee.

We hope this new option for an easy out makes your congregation more comfortable signing up— and that it makes managing your attendees a little easier for you on the planning side.