When your church is ready to check children into classes again, it will be more important than ever to provide parents with confidence in their children’s safety.

Welcoming families to a stress-free environment with a smooth check-in experience is often the first step, but what if you started relieving parent’s stress and inspiring their confidence before they arrive?  

With the new household fields in Forms, you can collect all the necessary information you need to check in an entire family before they even get to your church.

A more efficient check-in not only means more time for personal interaction with families but shorter lines—easier social distancing.

The new form field option is called Household Members, and it'll look something like this for families.

A form like this is also a great opportunity to ask a few other questions to help you be better prepared for their visit. Questions about health concerns, special needs, and prayer requests can also go a long way in making people feel welcome.

And don’t forget to put families who fill out the form into your First Time Visitor workflow so you can follow up with them later. (You can do this automatically with Automations!)

When your form is all set up, embed it on your website and you’re set.

As you and your church adapt to the new realities of doing ministry, we’re here to support you. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team.