When you’re coordinating a complex event, you need a robust sign-up process. You need to know exactly who’s coming, and you often need to collect lots of information and provide lots of options.

But what about the events where you just need to know how many people are coming?

Now you can make it simple to sign up for your simplest events with simple signups.

To sign up, people can select a quantity for each available option and then enter their name and email. That’s it!

As we begin to navigate a world reshaped by COVID-19, the number of people in any space is a crucial consideration for many. Whether that space is an auditorium designed for hundreds or a classroom that typically holds dozens, you have to limit attendees for social distancing.

With simple signups, you can make sure your gathering sizes are precise — and your congregation can sign up in seconds.

If your church isn’t ready to start meeting again in person, you can use simple signups for your virtual events and quickly collect signups for your next online Bible study or 24-hour prayer vigil.

Like you, we’re looking forward to the day when we can gather regularly — for picnics and potlucks, recitals and retreats — and we’re excited for the ways simple signups will help you coordinate those events. Until then, we hope that this can be one more tool to help you and your congregation stay safe and stay connected.

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