One of the universal challenges of children's check-in is getting parents to keep track of their security labels.

Can we blame them? Even in the least stressful of mornings, it's hard to keep track of a little piece of paper! Shoving it into a Bible or deep into the depths of a purse or pocket seems like the right move when you're trying to hand off a squirming kiddo.

However, most people can easily keep track of their phones—which is why parents can also find their security codes in the Church Center app.

Not only will parents have a better shot at keeping track of their code, having this information behind the layer of a secure Church Center login adds an extra layer of security for children.

A successful check-in screen on mobile with the check-in code, bar code, and the names and pictures of children checked in.

In the latest version of the Church Center app (version 2.1), once every child in the household is checked in, the app will automatically switch to check out mode. Parents will see the security code, be able to scan the security barcode, and see the status of each child.

We are also working on a way for adults in the same household to share security codes within the Church Center app, and the option for parents to choose whether or not they’d like to print labels at all, which would save some time and some trees!

Stay tuned,
Team Check-Ins