When being in person is out of the question, some events have to be canceled—but others can be reclaimed and enjoyed online.

Your middle schoolers may not be able to gather together to celebrate your youth pastor's birthday, but they can still sing her Happy Birthday over Zoom.

To help facilitate these kinds of online experiences, we added virtual locations for Registrations events.

A location menu with drop-down to select location types and details.

The event page on the web and in the Church Center app will denote that the event location is online, and anyone who registers will receive the link to attend with their confirmation.

So now, instead of fully canceling your all-church prayer meeting, you can keep taking signups and change the location from the Sanctuary to a video conference room.  

We may not be able to capture the full experience of being with one another, but maybe the little we can is worth it.

♥ The Registrations Team