Sometimes you need a quick list of some subset of the people in your church. Maybe you're starting a new youth ministry and need to estimate how many students will be going into high school this fall, or how many women within a certain age range are members.

You could make a list. That’s quick and easy, but it’s also a little… much. Lists are powerful reporting tools, but you really don’t need to keep a list kicking around your account forever because you needed to answer one question once and then forgot to delete the list (you do that too, right?).

Enter our new and improved people tab, complete with near-instant filtering.

There are also filters available for all kinds of characteristics including age, grade, marital status, membership status, and many more.

Along with those filters, you can now choose what attributes you want to see. Want to filter by grade, and see what school those kids are in? No problem.

Also, remember those demographics charts on your dashboard? Now you can click on those to go straight to a filtered list of the people matching those groups.

Happy filtering,
The People Team