Easter is just around the corner, but it’s never too late to plan—even one step towards getting organized can make a huge difference!

This post is a collection of some of our best-practices and pro tips as you prepare for what might be one of your busiest and most important Sundays of the year.

No matter what area of ministry or what stage of planning you’re in, there is something here to help make your Easter Sunday a success.

Create a unique Easter service plan

In some ways, planning for Easter is like planning for Sunday as usual. You do all your normal things—like organizing your service and scheduling volunteers—but with a little bit (maybe a lot) of extra sprinkled into the mix. It might feel overwhelming to sort out additional rehearsal times and scheduling magic, but we put all of these special service planning items in their own Services-specific doc to help you do it.

Find last-minute volunteers

Even on an all-hands-on-deck kind of Sunday like Easter, there are bound to be a few roles or tasks that you need a volunteer to own. Here are two ways to find those people in the next few weeks.

Fill in the gaps with Signup Sheets

If you have everyone on your volunteer teams assigned, scheduled, and confirmed, but still have a few missing roles to be filled, Signup Sheets are your new best friend.

Find brand new volunteers by creating a “pipeline”

You can also find brand new volunteers using the Forms feature in People to give people the opportunity to express interest, then funnel them into teams in Services where you can start scheduling them—a volunteer pipeline!

Get it on the Calendar

Holidays like Easter usually mean the whole church campus—facilities and resources—are being used at max capacity.

By setting up a special Easter event in Calendar, you can take the fundamental step of making sure it’s on everyone’s radar, but it can also serve as a foundation for you to build on with other important scheduling, room, and resource details.

Be ready for check-in busyness

It’s hard to predict how many new or returning families could show up on Easter morning. And while it’s a good and exciting thing if you have more families checking in than you know what to do with, it’s probably better if you do know what to do with them.

Follow-up with visitors

Easter is one of those Sundays where you can have a lot of first-time or returning visitors. Whether they are there to honor a tradition, from a desire to find meaning, or for something else is unknown, but they are there for something.

Anything we didn’t cover that you have questions about? Our support team would love to help. Click the question mark in the top right-hand corner of any Planning Center product and send us an email.

Happy Easter!