At Planning Center we rely on a combination of tools like Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Zendesk, Github, and of course good old fashioned email to get our day to day work done. Now, if these tools didn’t talk to each other, we’d spend a lot of time looking for information and copy / pasting from one app to another.

Fortunately, there’s an app called Zapier (Zapier rhymes with happier) that allows us to easily send information from one app to another—it’s the glue that ties our tools together so we can spend more of our day on meaningful work.

Zapier is so useful in helping us be more efficient, that creating a Planning Center integration has long been on our bucket list. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve released our own Zapier integration that’s ready for you to add to your zaps today!

Here are some ideas on how you could use it:

  • Get a Slack notification every time a card is added to a workflow.
  • Automatically add every new donation to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • If you use something like Salesforce, Zapier could be used to add new profiles in Planning Center to your CMS.

Zapier support over 1,500 different apps you can try it out with, so you have options to play with!

This is our first release and has five Zapier triggers you can start using today:

  • New Form Submission
  • New Donation
  • New Profile
  • New Workflow Card
  • New List Result

Any ideas for a trigger you’d like to see added? Let us know by clicking the question mark in the top right of the app to connect with our support team—I’ll see it in my Slack channel!

Happy zapping!