Email has a reputation for being nothing more than a way for companies to send us their annoying marketing jargon, but we all know its more than that. Email can also be a launching pad for meaningful communication.

Even messages sent in mass can be a way to refresh people with a word of encouragement, create opportunities for connection, or provide important information.

You've always been able to send emails to large groups within your congregation from lists by connecting your Planning Center People account to Mailchimp. But now you can email everyone on a list without connecting to Mailchimp.

Blank email text box with highlighted send option.

There are no tricks to this part—write your message, or edit one of your templates, and send!

If you’ve connected People to Mailchimp, you'll see an option to send the email from a Mailchimp campaign, which is still your best option for larger or more intricate campaigns.*

However, one of the benefits of choosing to email lists from Planning Center, is that you’ll see the email recorded in the Communications tab in the profile of every person you contacted. The Communications tab is also where you can see if your email was received, which can help you keep track of how and when you connect with people.

We’ve wanted to make this feature for a while, so we’re excited to have it out there for you! We hope it makes it easier for you to connect with your congregation.