Reports—everyone wants them, which is why anyone can make a custom list in People. Making a list is a lot like putting together your own personal puzzle— piecing together just the right conditions to find exactly what you’re looking for!

If you think puzzles are fun, and you have permissions across your church’s Planning Center accounts, there is a high chance you are the designated list-making expert at your church. And you might be happy to oblige, until you start getting follow-up requests...

Suddenly this puzzle isn’t so fun.

As of today, anyone who makes a list can add other people to their list-making team as managers, which allows them to edit list rules.

The settings tab in People displaying visibility options, filter settings, and auto-refresh results, and syncing status.

So now, if a list-making expert creates a list for your children’s ministry admin, they can add the admin to the list as a manager and collaborate on it.

The ability to add a list condition is still based on permissions, meaning a children’s ministry admin with permissions only in Check-Ins can’t include a Giving-related condition. This is purposefully restrictive to ensure privacy and security.

However, with the list-collaboration feature, people can “share” their permissions with someone else for the sake of the list.

For example, if your admin needs to include a Giving-related condition in their list, they can invite someone with permissions in Giving to manage the list with her and add the condition. Now they both have access to the results of the list without compromising the security and privacy of Giving information.

Hopefully, this update to lists will make lists less of an individual burden and more of a team effort, as well as help smooth over any role transitions within your staff.

Have fun collaborating on your lists!