Forms are a great way to get information from the people in your church and are sometimes the first step to building a connection. Whether it be to check in on someone who requested prayer, or to invite someone to the next step of volunteer training, there is almost always follow up.

One person shouldn’t have to bear the weight of all of these follow-up tasks on their own—ministry is a team effort.

To help you delegate tasks and protect the privacy of your congregation’s information, we’ve added two new ways for you to give people on your team access to Forms without giving them higher permissions in People than they need.

Give Viewers and Editors Permissions in Forms

You can give anyone with permissions of Viewer or Editor the ability to create new forms with the new Can create forms checkbox in their profile’s permissions.

Application permissions modal with status drop-down.

Share Specific Forms with Specific People

If you want to share an existing form, you can give them access to it without giving them permission to view other forms or create new ones.

When you share a form, you can select who you want to access the form and what they can do with it, either Manage or View Only.

  • Manage allows the person to edit the form's fields, settings, and automations, as well as view all submissions. To create automations, the admin must at least be an Editor.
  • View Only allows the person to see the form's submissions, but not make any changes to it.
Application permissions modal with status drop-down

We want to help you work efficiently as a team by giving you tools to share the responsibilities of ministry. Many of the feature updates we have planned for the next few months are focused on adding new ways for you to delegate more tasks to your team.

Start sharing those forms!
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