Sunday mornings can be stressful. We all know how hard it is to get the family out the door for church! But once families make it out their door and through yours, you can help reset the tone of their morning by welcoming them with a stress-free check-in environment.

Now there is a new way for you to speed up your lines, even more than you already are with Check-Ins: the Church Center app.  

A mobile phone with a QR code and two apps to the right of it with options to download from app stores.

Anytime before an event, people can pre-select all the household members they want to check in. When they arrive at church, all they have to do is scan their phones at a check-in station and receive their labels.

The more people use pre-check, the faster your lines will move and the easier check-in will be on both your volunteers and families! Introduce pre-check whenever you are ready by making the Church Center app available to your church for free.

There is a lot more your congregation can do with Church Center, pre-check is just the newest feature released to the app.

If your church subscribes to some of our other applications—like Giving, Groups, People, or Registrations—then they can give, join groups, manage their personal profiles, and register for events. You can learn more on our website.

Please contact our support team with any questions you might have, we would love to help you get started with Church Center.

Get those check-in lines moving!
Team Check-Ins and Church Center