With the release of our new Church Center app, we made it easier for your congregation to see and sign up for your events anytime and anywhere from their phone.

Last week we brought the beauty and simplicity of the app to your congregation’s sign up experience on the web!

Simplified Event List

With our updated events listing, you can browse Registrations events more easily. See event images and essential information at a glance, or click through for full descriptions and details.

Index Page for Church Center

Seamless Experience

The visual styles of the web now align with the Church Center app, so your congregation’s registration experience moving between the two is seamless.

Registrations Page

Registration Status

Whether they need to make a payment or submit a required form, attendees can now clearly see what’s missing from their registration.

Profile Page of Retreat

We hope that these updates make signing up for events smoother for your members, visitors, and local community!

Happy New Year!
Team Registrations