Updates to Event Reminders

Sometimes the people in your group need a gentle reminder (or two or five) about events. After all, life is crazy, and everyone occasionally forgets to put an event on the calendar.

The goal of reminder emails and RSVP requests is to give group leaders a way to encourage members to stay connected. In the last few weeks, we’ve released four updates to the reminder feature to help you improve and customize your communication with members.

Automatic Email Reminders

Have you ever set yourself a reminder to send out an event reminder? Now you don’t have to! Instead, you can schedule reminders to auto-send a few days before your event.

Whenever you create or edit an event, you can set a reminder email to send 3, 7, or 10 days before the event. You can either schedule reminders for an individual event or for all events within a group.

Reminder emails can also serve as an unavoidable nudge for members to submit their RSVPs. They have no excuse if it’s right there in the reminder email!

Resend Reminder Emails

If people are not responding to your initial RSVP request, you can start sending reminders for your reminder emails!

Once you click Resend reminders you will have the option to...

  • Send to anyone who has not received one
  • Send to those who have not responded
  • Send to everyone who is going

Give the people in your group one last opportunity to update their response with a yes or no!

Custom Message

There’s always one last thing to tell people about before an event. Remember to read Chapter 4 before Tuesday night! Bring a side dish for the potluck on Wednesday! Now, instead of sending one-off emails, text messages, or relying on word-of-mouth, you can include these little messages within your reminder emails.

Edit Responses

Things come up, people change their minds, and sometimes they decide to come last minute, or not come at all. Oftentimes it’s not natural for people to remember that they have to change their RSVP, especially if they tell their leaders in person. So we have made it so leaders can edit members’ RSVPs on the administrative side.

After you save the change, an email will automatically send to the member letting them know that you changed their response for them.

Hopefully these little changes together will have a positive impact on group communication! Check out the last four update notes to learn exactly how to use these new mini-features.

Try not to send too many emails!
The Groups Team