Hi! I’m Allie, and I started at Planning Center as a designer on Team Registrations in 2017. Over this last summer, our team grew and I moved into my new role as product manager. Today I am so excited to share our first feature update since this transition!

Have you ever managed a complex event with multiple attendee types, add-ons, discounts, and payments all within a single registration?

With all those items in the mix, each with their own costs and quantities, the calculated totals can be perplexing. You end up doing math in your head to answer questions like...

Why is Suzy’s attendee total higher than John’s? What is Jessica’s attendee cost minus her 20% early bird discount? Which attendees are receiving the group discount?

These are the mysteries that make up administrative nightmares.

To quell these quandaries, we are going to do the math for you. The new registration totals sidebar gives you a clearer picture of how costs, discounts, and payments are applied to a registration.

Volunteer Pipeline

  1. At a Glance: We updated the default overview so it’s easier to scan and see totals in each area.

  2. Attendee Details: Each attendee can be expanded to see an itemized list of attendee type and add-on costs, as well as discounts, applied.

  3. Payments and Refunds: Money collected is now shown and totaled inline, making it easier to understand the transaction history.

We hope these updates simplify registration bookkeeping and minimize event-related nightmares for you!

Team Registrations
Katie, Robbie, Dustin, and Allie