From on-boarding new volunteers to following up with first-time visitors, Workflows has become a central hub of productivity and organization for many churches who use Planning Center People. Today’s update is going to help you maximize your time while using this feature!

One of the most common practices we see in Workflows is a step dedicated to updating a person’s profile, like changing a membership status or adding someone to a volunteer team in Services.

This profile-updating step is so universal, we decided to make the process a little easier by enabling you to update profiles from within your workflows!

Perform Action in Cards

The first way to update a profile in a workflow is by performing an action from within one of your cards using our new Perform Action tab.

From here you can perform the exact same actions that are available as bulk actions on Lists.

Bulk Action in Steps

When you need to perform the same action on multiple profiles, we made it easy for you to make the change to all of them at the same time through Bulk actions. Within a step in your workflow, click each person you want to include in the action, or Select All, and then click the new Bulk actions button in the edit menu.

With the ability to do more to Workflows, you will not only increase your productivity and save some time, you can also make sure information does not fall through the cracks and actually into People profiles!

As always, let us know if you have any questions, our team is always ready to help!

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